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Classic X Modern

In the history of car modifications, classic and modern represent two different styles, and it is very rare that people will connect classic with modern. Through the history, vehicles and aftermarket parts have evolved, but enthusiasts are still in love with the classic parts and rims. In KZ, we respect the classic and decided to combine the two different styles for our latest project.

In order to achieve the classic feeling, we chose HRE Classic 300 to be part of our project. HRE is a solid brand with insane quality and since 1978, HRE has been a leader in the three pieces motorsport and street performance wheel market. Therefore, we think HRE will be the perfect solution for our project.

The style of HRE's Classic 300 is a legend from the past but with quality craftsmanship of modern technology. In the color options, we chose a very modern combination on this rim Dark Brushed Clear and Satin Bronze.

The vehicle that we chose for this set of rim is a very stylish and aggressive beast, the 2015 BMW M4.


  • Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System

  • BMW M Performance Rear Spoiler

  • BMW M Performance Alcantara Steering Wheel

  • ETG Chip Tuning

  • Fall-line Motor Sport Sway Bar

  • HRE Classic 300, 20x9.5 Front & 20x10.5 Rear

  • RKP Front Lip

  • RKP Rear Diffuser

  • Swift Spec R Springs

  • iND Front Painted Reflecor

  • iND Black Grill

  • iND Painted Trunk Emblem

  • iND Painted Side Maker Set

Eventuri Cold Air Intake System