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Two Layers of Blue

Sliver stone is a stratified color from BMW individual, under the sunshine there is a light blue mixed inside the sliver. In order to highlight the light blue, we choose the world’s most renowned wheel Volk Racing TE37SL in Magnesium Blue to achieve the two layers of blue. We also installed RKP Front Lip, Mode Carbon Rear Spoiler and Diffuser to complete the aggressiveness of the car.


  1. RKP Front Lip

  2. Eisenmann Straight Pipe

  3. iND Painted Reflector

  4. iND Black Grille

  5. KW Height Adjustable Spring Kit

  6. 19” Volk Racing TE37SL in Magnesium Blue

  7. Mode Carbon Rear Spoiler

  8. Mode Carbon Rear Diffuser