3 step paint correction on F430
3 Step Paint Correction on Ford F-150 wi
Ceramic Coating Platinum package on 2019
1 step paint correction and full interio
1 step paint correction and interior det
1 Step Paint Correction with our ceramic
3 Step Paint Correction on Jeep Wrangler
Ready for the show!!!! 4 Step Paint Corr
2 step paint correction on Corvette Z06!
2019 C63S AMG is getting a 2 step paint
_gyeon_quartz premium coating treatment
2 step paint correction on Audi R8
Two Step Paint Correction on 1969 Porsch
Full detail package
Ceramic Coating Platinum on BMW M5
Pet hair removal before & after
Ceramic Coating Platinum
Ceramic Coating Platinum
3 step paint correction on Defender

Standard Detailing Service

We offer top to bottom detailing artwork performed by our master detailers with top-quality tools and detailing products, tailored specifically to satisfy your most valuable needs.

For PAINT CORRECTION, our expert detailers will correct marks, imperfections, swirls or dullness from your paint using the best polishing system available on the market today. We have a vast array of polishers type from rotary, gear driven, random orbital to nano polishers. Choose from one of our paint correction packages that best fits your needs and your wildest desires.


Please take look our Paint Condition Level Guide (at the bottom of this page) to find out which service is best for you.

Looking for a long term solution to keep your car look great all the time?

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Basic Exterior Detail

Detail Wash & Wax: $125-S / $135-M / $145-L / $155-XL / 

  • Detailed hand wash all exterior panels, mirrors, glass surfaces,

  • Wheels, wheel well and wheel barrel will be detailed and decontaminated.

  • Deep clean paint surfaces by chemical decontamination treatment.

  • Clay bar treatment.

  • Exhaust tips detailed and polished.

  • Water based tire dressing.

  • Condition and restore fading exterior plastic parts.

  • Spray wax.

(About 4 hours) (Extra charge for special size vehicles)


Detail Wash & Premium Wax: $150-S / $160-M / $170-L / $180-XL

Includes everything in the Detail Wash & Wax package, waxing will be upgraded to use our premium carnauba hand wax. (About 4 hours) (Extra charge for special size vehicles)

Advanced Exterior Detail

Advanced One Step Paint Correction: $200-S / $220-M / $240-L / $260-XL

Includes everything in the Detail Wash & Wax package, plus a one step finishing level paint correction polish to remove light paint defects such as shallow swirls and light oxidation, which makes the paint clean and shiny.

(5 to 8 hours) (Extra charge for special size vehicles)

Advanced Two Step Paint Correction: $300-S / $350-M / $400-L / $450-XL

Includes everything in the Detail Wash & Wax package, plus a two step paint correction polish (cutting and finishing level) to remove moderate pain defects such as swirls, oxidation, and light staining/etching, which makes a major improvement on the paint condition. (8 to 16 hours) (Extra charge for special size vehicles)

Premium Wax Add On: $40 for all size of vehicles

For both advanced packages, spray wax can be up graded to our premium carnauba hand wax.

Show Finish Exterior Detail

Show Finish Paint Correction: 

For severe paint defect removal and show level finish. Includes everything in the Detail Wash & Wax package, our premium carnauba hand wax and a three to five step paint correction treatment. Price starts from $500 and require inspection before estimate. (Minimum 20 hours)

Interior Detail

Interior Detail: $200-S / $250-M / $300-L / $350-XL

  • Full interior vacuum.

  • Use compressed air to blow out all crevices.

  • Toothbrush cleaning all interior panels.

  • Steam clean / shampoo seats and carpets.

  • Condition and restore trim, vinyl and leather surfaces.

  • Special treatment for stubborn stains.

  • Windows and mirrors cleaned.

  • Door and trunk jambs cleaned.

  • Basic deodorization treatment if necessary.

(5 to 10 hours)


***Please clear your personal items from your vehicle before any interior detail appointments. KZ Auto will not be held responsible for any lost items.

***Glove box will not be cleaned and personal belongings in the glove box will not be disturbed.


Advanced Deodorization (O-Zone): $80 for stand alone treatment / $50 with interior detail 

The use of the gas ozone (O3) to remove odors, bacteria, and viruses. Your detailer will place an ozone generator in your vehicle for a designated amount of time, depending on the strength of the odor. As the gas permeates your car, the odor is neutralized and any bacteria and viruses are killed. For the best result, please do an interior detail before this treatment. (4 to 8 hours)

Pet Hair Removal Add On: $40 per hour

Extra Services by Request: $40 per hour

Other Detail Services

Headlight Restoration: From $80

Three stage wet sand, polish and restore both fading headlights.


Engine Bay Detail: $40 per hour

Detailing engine bay using steam and special degreaser.


Vehicle De-Badging: $40 per hour

Safely remove badges and decals from your vehicle and adhesive residual after de-badging. One step paint correction polish on the spot to make sure the finish is clean and shiny.


Vinyl Wrap / Tint Removal: $40 per hour

Safely remove vinyl / tint from the vehicle using steam, heat gun and IR lamp. Also remove adhesive residual.


Level 2 - 3 Contamination Removal: $40 per hour


Paint Touch Up: $40 per hour


Multi-Stage Wet Sanding on Paint Surfaces: $100 per hour

*Tax & shop supplies extra.

*Inspection required for accurate estimate.