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Basic Exterior Detail

Decontamination Wash & Wax: $150-S / $155-M / $160-L / $165-XL 

An exterior decontamination treatment to deeply clean the outside of your vehicle, remove level 1 & 2 paint surface contaminations (tree sap, tar, etc.) and old wax residue. Hand apply premium carnauba wax to protect the paint and enhance the shine

  • Detailed hand wash all exterior panels and crevices

  • Wheels and wheel barrels detailed

  • Mild clay bar treatment

  • Level 1 & 2 paint surface contamination removal

  • Exhaust tips detailed and hand polished

  • Restore and condition fading exterior plastic parts

  • Hand apply premium carnauba wax 

  • Water based tire dressing

(3 to 4 hours)

One Step Paint Correction: $250-S / $260-M / $270-L / $280-XL

A one step finishing level paint correction to remove light paint defects such as light swirls and light oxidation, which makes the paint clean and shiny. This package is designed for newer / lightly swirled vehicle.

  • Decontamination wash package

  • Finishing level paint correction

  • Hand apply premium carnauba wax

(5 to 8 hours) 

Advanced Exterior Detail

Two Step Paint Correction: $350-S / $400-M / $450-L / $500-XL

A two step paint correction (cutting and finishing level) to remove moderate paint defects such as swirls, oxidation, and light staining/etching, which makes a major improvement on the paint condition. This package is designed for older / heavily swirled vehicles.

  • Decontamination wash package

  • Cutting level paint correction

  • Finishing level paint correction

  • Hand apply premium carnauba wax 

(8 to 16 hours)

Show Finish Paint Correction: $600+

For severe paint defect removal and show level finish. Includes everything in the Decontamination Wash & Wax package and a three to five step paint correction treatment. Price starts from $600 and requires inspection before estimate. (Minimum 20 hours)

Multi Stage Wet Sanding: $100 per hour

For removal of “orange peel” and deeper scratches using fine grade sandpaper,(1500-5000 grit) that cannot be removed via polishing. Paint will appear much smoother and defects will be less visible. Depending on the severity of the defect(s) price will vary on time and materials required.

Size Examples for Exterior Detail:

S - Compact sedan and coupe (Toyota Yaris / VW Golf / Porsche Cayman)

M - Regular Sedan and small SUV (Toyota Camry / Porsche Macan)

L - Mid size SUV (Jeep Grand Cherokee / BMW X5)

XL - Pick-up truck, full size SUV and mini van (Ford F150 / Cadillac Escalade / Toyota Sienna)

Other Detail Services

Headlight Restoration: $80

Three stage wet sand, polish, restore and protect fading headlights. Extra charge may apply for severe condition. 


Engine Bay Detail: $50 per hour

Detailing engine bay using steam and special degreaser.


Vehicle De-Badging: $50 per hour

Safely remove badges and decals from your vehicle, and adhesive residue after de-badging. Followed by a one-step spot polish to make sure the finish is clean and shiny.


Vinyl Wrap and Tint Removal: $50 per hour

Safely remove vinyl / tint from the vehicle using steam, heat gun and IR lamp. Also remove adhesive residue.

*Tax & shop supplies extra.

*Inspection required for accurate estimate.

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