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GYEON Ceramic Coating FAQs


1. Is GYEON Ceramic Coating safe for my paint? 

Yes, it is specially designed for all surfaces including paint. GYEON Ceramic Coating is based on silicon dioxide (SiO₂) is the most sophisticated car protection technology developed to date.

2. Permanent Coating vs Semi-Permanent Coating.

Permanent Coating has an outstanding chemical resistance, which can only be removed by paint correction.  On the other hand, Semi-Permanent Coating can be removed by both strong chemical and paint correction. 

3. What are the unique benefits of GYEON Ceramic Coating?

  • Standing out against a field of competitors, it is one of the leading choice of ceramic coatings for top detailers around the world due to their high quality and technologically advanced range of specialist products.

  • The top-ranging GYEON coatings are also tested and certified by two of the world’s largest verification bodies, SGS and KTR, proving that the products truly perform as claimed.

  • In every single Detailing World Product Awards in recent years since the inception of the brand, GYEON products have consistently been voted to be amongst the world’s best within many different categories of the competition.

  • Q2 MOHS+ and Q2 DURABEAD are two of its highest variants consisting of the award-winning Q2 MOHS base-coat and the Q2 PHOBIC or Q2 BEAD top-coat working synergistically together to deliver one of the best performances in gloss, protection and durability available anywhere today.

4. Is GYEON Ceramic Coating scratch resistant?

Yes, principal strength of the coating is its ability to increase the overall hardness of the paint up to the level of 9H (hardness of the coating determined by pencil hardness scale) as well as its measurable thickness, reaching up to 1 micron. The GYEON ceramic coated paint surface is 300% harder than uncoated paint surface.  GYEON Ceramic Coating is much more scratch resistant than your clearcoat, but it is not scratch proof and there is no scratch proof paint protection in the the market.  

5. Can I use GYEON Ceramic Coating on top of my Paint Protection Film?

Yes, some ceramic coating product from GYEON can be used on top of the Paint Protection Film. It boosts the over all performance and durability of your Paint Protection Film.

6. What is the installation process and how long does it takes?

The installation process of GYEON Ceramic Coating will usually take between 4 hours to 3 days depending on the vehicle size, the paint condition and the package you choose . 

  • Hand Wash → Decontamination → Paint Correction(if necessary) → Coating Application → IR Lamp Curing → Extra Curing Time.

7. What are the main differences between wax and ceramic coating?

  • Waxes have traditionally been used to create a quick and easy high definition wet gloss appearance as they are primarily made from natural or synthetic oils.

  • Under harsh weather conditions, even the best waxes suffer in durability and can last at best a month or two. Due to its inherent nature, it is therefore necessary to continually reapply the wax in order to retain its desired shine.

  • The latest ceramic coatings come in advanced formulations that are able to withstand tough weather, rough handling and environmental fallouts much better than a layer of wax can ever hope to do. Better protection, easier maintenance and longer-lasting shine are the key advantages of coatings over wax.

  • With less up-keep required, the initial investment in a quality coating shows its value over the following months and years as you save from having to polish and wax your vehicle every couple of months.

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